Advanced Beauty Treatments

Lady Ming Esthetique™ has been providing basic, advanced, and premium services since December 1992. Our excellent reputation is based on great personal skill, a deep understanding of holistic natural beauty, and a commitment to all our customers. We support these principles with ongoing education in the best health and beauty research and developing procedures for client concerns such as hair removal, acne, spot removal, skin revision (tightening and thickening), and help with particular foot and lip issues.

Please ask about our full range of beautician and aesthetic services:

Brow feathering

Brow feathering - no-maintenance permanent make-up for a natural all-day and all-night look, artistic strokes provide shaped, natural shades of micropigmentation colouring when you are concerned about missing or thinning brows. Recently, Ming has been recognized for her skill in repairing or augmenting existing permanent make-up with her natural feathering style.


Microdermabrasion - A laser cut diamond tip gently exfoliates the outermost layer of skin to promote the growth of healthy skin cells. Your microdermabrasion is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment exfoliates dead and flaking cells on the surface of the skin and rejuvenates the layers underneath coupling with a very level suction. Microdermabrasion promotes the skin's natural cell regeneration process through the production of collagen and elastin, thus improving your skin's elasticity. The combination of exfoliation and suction is the secret behind microdermabrasion to give your skin the healthy afterglow that is associated with this process. We reduce signs of aging, wrinkles and acne damage.

Professional treatments

Professional treatments such as

along with techniques chosen for your skin type and the services you need.


Electrolysis may also treat your concerns about hair left by failed laser treatments - disposable needles, excellent techniques, and micro-numbing to reduce your discomfort so that you get the results you desire.

Permanent Makeup

You may be comfortable with our permanent infill brows, eye-lining, lip colouring, and upper or lower lip-lining techniques.

Eyebrow and eyelash enhancements

- attractive eyes are one of our greatest interests. Professional designs are the basis of outstanding eyebrow shaping. Eyelash lifts are eye popping and natural looking. Even on short lashes we use extending Kiss Me mascara for vivid, curly lashes. These procedures, using Health Canada-approved products, are very safe and comfortable. Luxurious eyelashes are a specialty of Lady Ming Esthetique™. Volumizing your eyelashes creates the effect of a mini eye lift. Your eyelashes dictate which lash lifting rod is selected by our experienced beauty professionals. A setting solution is applied to create the curls and then a darkening lash tint results in vivid lashes that will last for up to two months.

Your hands, your focus

Enhancements for busy hands - Your busy lives are complemented by what you create with your hands. Take some time to renew, re-hydrate and rejuvenate your hands. Let our solutions soften, soothe, and satiate your hands for a flawless feeling. The treatment starts with a manicure of the nails, is followed by skin exfoliation, moisturizing, paraffin mask silk protein, penetrating hand massage, and finish with your choice of polish application. You may also choose chemical peeling and medical grade treatments for sun damage. Our clients have had great results with the removal of sun spots and aging marks for a quick pickup and youthful rejuvenation.

Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal is here with EPILFREE. Check the link for more information. No machines, no lasers, just results.


You may also select from a wide range of nail work including gel nails, a wide range of polishes, and other glamour applications.

Tattoo removal

Lady Ming uses ELIMININK for pigmentation removal and modification of cosmetic tattoos. Click the link above for more information.


You may choose accupoint and acupressure treatments to support our deep muscle and Swedish massages.

Lady Ming Esthetique™ is renowned in Edmonton for the artistic techniques of Lady Ming. We have countless recommendations for repairs to laser hair removal and attempts to provide permanent make-up. Often electrolysis or feathering is used to complete the job properly. We are known for our special brow stroke techniques for permanent, realistic results. Many of our clients have received relief from cosmetic problems. They report increased confidence and reduced stress. Visit Lady Ming at 10121 - 118 Street, Edmonton or call for an appointment 780-448-9813. Please make your appointments beginning 9:30 am Tuesday through Saturday. On Tuesday and Thursday, your appointments can be as late as 7:30 pm. On Wednesday and Friday your appointments can be as late as 5:30 pm. On Saturday, your appointments can be as late as 3:30 pm. Thank you for introducing your family and friends to Lady Ming Esthetique.